Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Native American" Running For Senate

So Elizabeth Warren... ya. 

This lady decides to list herself as "Native American" to her employers. No biggie right? I have Native American friends and I assume they do also.

Funny thing is though, my friends don't look like this:

Warren and genealogical groups have not been able to provide documentation of her heritage. Warren says knowledge of her heritage was passed down to her through "family lore."
 Are you SERIOUS? REALLY?! You're a fucking professor at HARVARD LAW! How in the shi...

[pausing to break something]*

Ok. I feel better now. Alright lady, I get it, in the literal sense you and I are both "Native Americans" as we were both born in America, but come-the-fuck-on! You will NOT get my vote for Senate, mostly because I don't actually live** in Massachusetts,*** but either way fuck you.

*I was going to go in to a tangential rant on affirmative action but decided I didn't want to burst a vein at work.

**In my heart I do!

***I am so proud of myself for spelling that correctly the first time that I had to brag about it here.

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