Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sgt Awesome's Movember NFL Thoughts

With Week 12 in the books we're in the home stretch and parents all over the Green Bay area will be thankful that Movember is coming to a close.

Do you know where your children are? Aaron does.

The NFC West. San Francisco and the mighty Colin Kaepernick while one of only three teams in the NFL to allow under 200 points in the first 11 games (Bears and Seahawks are the other two) have proven to be an incredibly poor "elite" team who will still walk their way in to a 3rd or 4th seed without issue. The Seachickens still have opportunity to sneak in to a Wild Card slot.

Atlanta I believe will clinch a playoff spot this weekend with a win and can clinch their division with a win and a Tampa Bay loss. This is no surprise to anyone, though like the other early season "hot" teams, Atlanta has fallen off the train lately. I have to give the Wild Card nod to the Muscle Hamster over the hapless 'Aints in the NFC South.

In the NFC North the Minnesota Vikings hold their fate in their hands. While they likely can't hop over both the Packers and the Bears to win the division, they can certainly slip in to a Wild Card with some quality play in the final five games. The Bears and Packers are competing to see not only who can win their division, but also to see who can get their quarterback beaten to death so they can be one and done in the playoffs.

The New York football Giants still hold the division lead, though with the most difficult schedule left in the NFC East and only a two game lead, there is still plenty of time for New Jersey to be calling for Coughlin to be fired. Whomever has RG3 on their fantasy team should win their league. With all four teams playing this Sunday and Monday night, I anticipate not giving a shit about football after Redzone goes off air.

With a win, Forehead and the Donkeys will clinch the AFC West and cruise to a great record care of their pathetic remaining schedule. I refuse to acknowledge the rest of this division exists. (Kansas City, really? How do you still have a team??)

In the AFC South the Houston Texans have been tripping themselves up (well, not Andre Johnson) over and over again yet still hold a three game lead over the Colts whom they have yet to even play. The Texans are one of only four teams in the NFL who have scored more than 100 points than they've allowed. (Texans 116, Bears 102, Niners 129, Patriots 163) The Colts meanwhile have allowed 43 more points to be scored on them then they've scored. LUCK-ily for the Colts, the only teams with better records than them in the AFC right now are the division leaders.

The Baltimore Ravens can clinch the South with a win over the Steelers this week (securing the head to head tiebreaker. They already hold the division record tie breaker against the Bengals.) The Steelers, once looking to take back the division at midseason, have dealt with a slew on injuries that have placed them back into the midden heap of mediocrity. Their week 16 meeting with the Bengals will likely decided which of them will grab a Wild Card spot.

The AFC East can also be clinched this weekend with a Patriots win over the Dolphins. The Dolphins meanwhile, must win the game if they wish to keep their Wild Card hopes alive. Tom Brady is silently putting together another MVP season leading arguably the NFL's best team into the final stretch of the season. No matter the injury it seems that the Patriots are able to overcome them all with a vacuum-like defense and an offense on pace to break NFL records.