Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunsceen Ban

So, the government is once again doing the best they can to murder your children, at least that is what the libtards would like you to believe. I personally think it's not the government's job to raise your children for you, but I'm just a silly guy without kids. If you haven't read about the two children who went to school and subsequently got sunburnt badly, go google it. The mother's blog about the incident is what I will be skewering.

^Here she rants about how the state and the school and the teachers; basically everyone involved other than herself, lacks common sense and the only fault I can see is the glaring omission of herself on that list.

^Here she even replies to people calling her and her children idiots. One of her responses:

I would think with a child with Albinism you would ALWAYS err on the side of caution rather than put her health and safety in the hands of someone else. Was she dressed in long sleeves? Did you send along a hat? It seems too easy to blame the school staff for something that was really your responsibility.
In the course of Zoe’s nine years, we’ve kept her safe. On a normal day, she simply can’t be in direct sun because it’s painful. The result? She’s rarely in direct sun. She naturally self-protects by seeking shade. Yes, we have provided sunglasses for school use. She’s never been obligated to be exposed to direct sun for such a long time in her entire life – it was a new experience for all of us and one I could have not predicted. I think the fact that this is a first says something about our level of responsibility. We’re good, caring parents who have been able to protect and teach self-advocacy to these kids.
OK, so her daughter with albinism cannot be in direct sun. NOT being the key word there. Write that down.
Per the first blog post:
Zoe has a documented form of Albinism and associated 504 plan, the teachers and staff are aware of her extreme sensitivity.
I have no idea what a 504 plan is, and I refuse to google it, but the key part of this sentence is that her medical condition which requires her to NOT [from above, did you write it down?] be in direct sunlight is DOCUMENTED [another key word!] and that the teachers and staff are AWARE! [Ding, another!!]

The mother, the school, and the children are all aware of this legitimate medical condition which was diagnosed by a doctor. So how does something like this happen? Did the school magically spring this "field day" on them? Well if you read through her blog, she says no, she was well aware of this outdoor activity ahead of time. So this mother, who has raised her child for nine successful years, became aware of a school outdoor function that will take place outdoors and involve her vampire-daughter, and she didn't send a tube of fucking sunscreen with her daughter? You ma'am, are an idiot.

Am I too harsh on the mother? Some libtard defenses:

Defense 1: It was raining, so she didn't apply sunscreen. It's not her fault it stopped raining!

No sir. I will use her own words to help you out.
1. I didn’t send sunscreen with them because, up until yesterday, they had never had an issue at school before.
2. This was our first field day at Pt. Defiance.
3. was a new experience for all of us and one I could have not predicted.
Common sense says if your kid CAN'T BE IN THE FUCKING SUN, you should probably send them to school with sunscreen if their agenda for the day is: BE-THE-FUCK-OUTSIDE, even if you think it will rain for eight hours straight. You don't have to be Nostra-fucking-dumbass to be able to predict your super-ginger is going to fry like a slab of back bacon on a skillet if she participates in an event with the word FIELD in the title!!!!!!!!

Defense 2: She didn't have a prescription for sunscreen! She shouldn't have to pay $X to some doctor just so her daughter can remain safe at school!

This defense does hold water if you assume every person in the world is a fucking asshole. Seriously. What police officer, or other arbiter of the law, would actually enforce this law? Do you really think Sally's mom is going to call her Senator to complain that Zoe the albino was using sunscreen illegally during their school field day and that any type of consequences would come from that? I honestly cannot comprehend the level of pure fucktitude required for that scenario to even exist and refuse to acknowledge it.

Defense 3: It's the law! If we don't follow the laws, we'll have chaos and blah blah blah.

Please don't reproduce.

Defense 4: Did I mention the raining thing? Ya? Dang. Um, how about the mother just assumed that teachers wouldn't be d-bags and would actually take care of her child?

While your head is once again in the right place, as they definitely should have and I can't argue that the teachers who had sunscreen AND knew this kid couldn't be in the direct sunlight should've done the right thing and gave her some sunscreen. HOWEVAH, the problem I have here is NOT that the teachers are fucktards, the problem I have is the mother trying to deflect ANY personal responsibility for the situation. You are the MOTHER. When you poop out a kid, every fucking thing they do is your responsibility. Everything. While I agree with the premise that we as adults have a collective responsibility to take care of all children to help create a better society, that in no way removes or nullifies your own personal responsibility for your children.

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