Friday, July 6, 2012

Let Me Paint™ You A Picture

Say you are the lifeguard depicted above. Your AO is to the left of the yellow line and your employer has told you not to cross it (thereby abandoning your post and opening them up to a potential lawsuit) to save anyone.
You are now made aware that there is an idiot drowning over on the other side of the yellow line. What do you do?
A) Run and save the idiot
B) Let the idiot die, he should have read the warning sign
C) Make other lifeguards aware so they can cover your AO and then run to save the idiot
D) Run in super slow motion because you are a crazy hot chick

Most people would probably pick C, which is what Tomas Lopez did, his employer however still felt the need to fire him over it.

Yuuup, I'm thinking exactly what you are thinking. That putting option "D" as option D was my subconscious attempt at boob humor.

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