Friday, February 24, 2012

Birth Control Addendum

As much as I think birth control isn't the responsibility of an insurance company to pay for (nor an employer or anyone else for that matter) it IS something that I as a tax paying citizen would be happy to see subsidized by the government so those people who maybe can't afford it, can still have it available to them.

Some of you may say "What the socialist hell is that about Sgt Awesome? I thought you were conservative?" to which I would be forced to reply with "Woah, woah WOAH! Watch your tone buddy." I think our social programs are WAY too overreaching and are broken and need a complete overhaul, but this is different. Allowing poor people access to a cheap/free pill in the end saves me not only money, but it helps create a better world too.

If you have not seen the movie Idiocracy, stop reading, go watch it and then come back. That will make my feelings much easier to explain. If you are lazy, I'll summarize it for you here.

Idiocracy: A man of average intelligence is brought to 500 (or was it 1000?) years in the future where because of a severe degredation of society, he is now the smartest person alive. This degredation is explained that because stupid poor people have a shit ton of babies (who go on to repeat the cycle) and smart rich people tend to have fewer (if any) babies (who go on to repeat the cycle) the intelligence of the world is quickly bred out of the human race. It's not a great movie, but it hits the truth so hard on the head that it's worth a watch.

In addition to preventing a bunch of babies being born (or aborted! Eh? Think of that Catholics?) it also helps prevent things like cervical cancer and ovarian cysts and terrorism. [Again, I have a penis, birth control is not my forte. You will not see me before Congress testifying on that which I, by merit of my birth, can't be a true expert on as I can have zero personal experience with it.] All of this saves me money by not having poor people with cancer getting chemo on my dime. Also terrorism is bad.

One last thing, many feminists (read: vaginal terrorists) claim that it is only fair that since insurance covers Viagra (which helps men get boners) it should also cover birth control. Ignoring the cost (because I don't know the cost of either) I will be forced to agree with the VTs on this one, however, for different reasons. The menstral crusaders argument is based on equality. If men get something for their penis, then women MUST get something for their vaginas. Everything MUST be equal! (I'll hit this in a future post) In addition to the above reasons for covering/subsidizing birth control, the last I checked Viagra and birth control are the same thing... a pill. If your insurance helps cover the cost of perscriptions, then both of them should be covered. And, as I said in my original rant on the birth control issue, if the law says you must provide insurance for your employees, it is not up to your belief system on what they use it for.

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  1. It is not the employers business what the employee uses their insurance for. This upsets me. Viagra and birth control should not even be compared. Birth control has alot of good uses besides preventing having a child, which you clearly stated. Viagra has no use but to help men get erections. Feminists are retarded in talking about equality by comparing these two. People are retarded. Seriously, too much time is wasted on trivial issues compared to what we really need to focus on in this country. But then I would have to start ranting...........