Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birth Control... (Warning, I'm Not Happy)

Holy dick on a stick, seven States have filed suit against the Federal Government over them "forcing" religious institutions to provide birth control in their health care plans.

Ok, I need to take a second before my fucking head explodes...

Alright, let's try to rationalize first what is going on here. Our State Governments are suing our Federal Government over religion. WHAT in the FLYING FUCK happened to our First Amendment? Thou shalt not fuck with religion? The "Right" is claiming that Obama is breaking the First Amendment by forcing these institutions to do this. Um, wha? Is he coming to your house and shoving these "demon" pills down your daughter's throat? NO, he's saying that insurance companies have to provide equal mother fucking coverage to everyone. If you as a Catholic employer, are worried that your Catholic employee is not as Catholic as you would like him, isn't that YOUR mother fucking problem? Why the shit ass should the government give a frog's fuck as to who uses it or doesn't? All they are asking is that employers in America are fair and follow that one thing, what was it... oh ya, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that says you can't fucking discriminate you ass fucks.

Here's our main problem. ALL religions are discriminatory, so if we allow true religious freedom, we can never be a country were every man is created equal. If we want to go that route, we need to equalize EVERY religion in the only way possible. Ignore them all 100%. Give them zero play. No more tax exemptions, no more anything. You need to wear a burka? Sorry, it's America, you respect AMERICA. Oh you don't like abortion? SORRY, it's FUCKING AMERICA and the Pope doesn't rule here.

Ugh, stepping back from the ledge...

Back to birth control! Why, oh fucking why, does it need to be covered by health insurance in the first place? I did a quick look online and it appears to cost no more than 300 bucks a YEAR. [note: I have a penis and have no first hand data on what it really costs] Does anyone understand what "insurance" means anymore? Does your car insurance cover tire rotating? Does your house insurance cover your cable bill? Why, in the almighty fuck, should a health insurance company, pay a fucking dime for birth control? I understand that there are medical reasons to take it other than just not getting preggers. I get that, and if you have bad periods or whatever and need it, sure, I can see that. But a blanket "everyone gets birth control covered" is ridiculous! [Second note: I will not go in to the retardedness of Obamacare and it actually being "free" as that will have me flying off the ledge]

[A full aside: I think the world is WAY over populated and full of piles of shit that should never reproduce in the first place, so I would be for putting birth control in the water supply... but again, not the point I'm making here]

In summation, a BIG fuck you to the Right for being religious pawns, and a BIG fuck you to the Left for being socialist hippies.


  1. We really need to form our own political party. The Party party, we'll call it. Cause, well, we like to party. And skull fuck people to death for being stupid. That can be a by-law.