Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amazing Full Face Transplant

Not since John Travolta took Nicholas Cage's face to try and steal the Constitution of the United States so he could escape the murder plane that he was sent to after using his elite Ranger-ninja skills to kill a dude who looked at Olivia Newton-John wrong, have we seen such an amazing and extensive face transplant done on a human being.

The above gentleman, who is not John Travolta (as far as you and I know), suffered from a rare medical condition called Carboflorohopo Sourofaciatis (CFHS), or in layman terms 'bitter beer face'. Since this occured some time before Keystone beer began it's extensive Public Service Announcement campaign to raise awareness of CFHS in America, the funds were not in place for him to get a new face at the time.

Jump forward to 2012 and Keystone had finally sold enough beer to be able to hire a drunken Russian expat to do the surgery. Luckily for him (was it luck?), the Church of Scientology (I assume) jumped to the rescue and paid for Americans to do the surgery.

What you see above is the before-before, the before, and the after pictures and while it might not be as good as the aforementioned Cage-face switch, considering the underlying condition in this case, I'd say it's pretty damn amazing what these people were able to pull off.

Drink responsibly my friends.

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