Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrate Pi Day!

To celebrate Pi Day I encourage you to join a party.
What party you might ask? Well, the "I Know 3rd Grade Math" party.
It's fun! Not as fun as the "I Know 3rd Grade Grammar" party, but I'll invite you there later.
For now, I ask you to listen to this celebration of simple mathematics (or a commentary on the sad failings of the American educational system). It is roughly a half hour long and if you are like me, you will laugh out loud multiple times, but each time you will die just a little bit inside.
Afterwards you may ask "WTF does this have to do with pi?" To which I would reply "It's math fuckface, back off."

[Summary: It's 6 years old, so you may have heard it before. A man was quoted .002 cents per kB by Verizon and was charged .002 dollars per kB. He tries over and over again to try and teach multiple people at Verizon where they are screwing up and they fail over and over again to catch on. Yes, he does screw up his own math a few times but I will cut him some slack as it can be exceedingly frustrating trying to explain basic fundamentals to complete idiots.]

[Also, it is completely 100% work safe to listen to. It's not ME lighting up an idiot, it's a guy (with a remarkable amount of patience) talking to idiots whose job it is to be polite, so if you are at work, turn off your radio, fire this up and enjoy the ride and entertain your fellow workers too!]

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