Thursday, April 26, 2012

Facebook Friends: You've Been Judged

In the last week I've noticed something on Facebook that has caused me to become a sad panda.

I posted a story about how a medevac bird crashed in Afghanistan killing all four Soldiers inside. One person commented. No biggie though. People don't need to "like" it or share it or comment on it to care about the deaths of these Soldiers.

Again the other day I posted a story about a 101st Airborne veteran from D-Day who was beaten severely and his wife was raped and also beaten severely, ending up dying of her wounds the next day. Again, a handful of comments, not a whole lot of visible attention. No biggie again. I'm posting this information to share it, not to get recognized for sharing it.

Then... then the last couple days happen. A rash of people start "sharing" a photo. I will post it here for you to see:

Some of you will immediately know what is coming in the next paragraph and that is why I like you.

More of my Facebook friends shared this "photo" than commented/liked/shared the two above stories I posted combined. Am I mad because people don't "share" my stories? No, I am mad that these people are either lazy or they are assholes. They see this photo "challenging" their patriotism and they immediately share it to "prove" that they love America. I correct them every single time I see it posted. Only one said "Ooops!"

The above story is about a helicopter that was shot down in early August of last year holding a large group of our special operations troops. I'm sure if you go back in my "timeline" (ugh) you'll see something posted about it. It did not happen "yesterday" or even within the statute of limitations of acceptability for sharing this.

To those of you that this applies to: you have been weighed on the true scale of patriotism and been found wanting.

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