Thursday, April 12, 2012

TED Video, Why Do We Vote On Tuesdays?

What are the odds of this bill passing? Do politicians want more people to vote? Would this help one party over the other? I wonder. I have no overwhelming rage at this particular [insert word here... archaicism?*], but am curious for thoughts. Do you think one side more so than the other fights to keep it this way or will both sides unanimously shoot this down for fear that it may help the other side more?

My purely uneducated guess would be that it will stay on a Tuesday for no good reason whatsoever. We in America are nothing if not suckers for meaningless tradition!

*I am high** on muscle relaxers right now and it's semi-difficult to form a thought, let alone type it. So eat it.

**I injured my back, I am not a drug addict.***

***Beer totally isn't a drug.****

****SHUT IT!

EDIT: Anachronism would've won you a cookie.

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