Thursday, April 5, 2012

Islam Is... Not Savage!

I often get criticized for referring to the followers of Islam as savages.
I present to you exhibit ZZ:

Saudi Arabia, one of our best "allies" in the Muslim world is stepping up it's war on terror sorcery. Yes, I said sorcery.

While America is wasting its time and money fighting Saudi-funded terrorism extremists, our "allies" are fighting the good fight and making sure people like Harry Potter and women are murdered shown their proper due.

So I guess ya, you are right, they aren't savages. They are actually heroes and loyal "allies" in the real fight against Magic The Gathering Gandalf witchcraft.

Hoozah Islam, hoozah. You are the shining light that guides us all towards world peace via violent subjugation and genocide.

[Shout out to @Ranger_up for bringing this important subject to my attention]

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  1. Meanwhile, in the much more reasonable land of America, we're once again arguing whether or not we should outlaw birth control because it makes crinkly old Catholic bishops uncomfortable.