Tuesday, April 10, 2012

North Dakota Uses UAV To Make Arrest (Limerick Tuesday)


So crazy guy A, let's call him Bob, decides that possession literally is 9/10ths of the law and the other 1/10th of the law is having a rifle. Seems legit right? Well some cows wandered on to Bob's property and when the owners asked for them back, he checked his math and said no. The cops were called and when they showed up Bob once again checked his math and with two of his family members (aren't they are always family members?) chased away the police with their 1/10th of the law. (That would be the rifles for the math impaired.)

The police then got a search warrant, had Homeland Security send up a drone to take a look-see at the ranch, and then had SWAT raid the ranch to arrest the crazy fuckers alleged, um, crazy fuckers.

Bob is now crying that a drone was used and claiming it is illegal and the libtard brigade is going to be all over this.

Bob, let me point you towards the bold font just above here. See that last word? Check and mate fuckface.

That said, I swear to FSM that if this guy doesn't do hard time, I'm going to start building the clock tower. Common sense has long since left the legal realm in this country and I wouldn't be surprised if this doucheknuckle walks.

Annnnnd I just recalled that it is Tuesday. My apologies.

This crazy guy tried to steal a cow,
For that I raise my eyebrow,
We then used a drone,
To look at his home,
An airstrike I would've allowed.

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